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Top cloud hosting companies are not only technically powerful but also offer bespoke services

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Information technology, automation and computerisation of business processes and functionalities have become essential today. Whether it is a start-up, a small business unit or a large-sized corporate company, technology is a must for survival and sustenance in this ultra-competitive world today. But technology comes at a price that is generally well beyond means of most enterprises and for years has affected detrimentally the budgets and expenses of business entities. Cloud server hosting is a technology that was launched with the promise of reduced costs and augmenting smarter workflows - a promise that the technology has been able to live up to and gone beyond to deliver advanced services.


Cloud server hosting is being adopted with increased enthusiasm and speed by all types of commercial establishments because of four main reasons –

  1. Reduced costs – organisations no longer need to invest heavily in purchase, installation, up gradation and maintenance of hardware and software along with buying software licenses. In this model, everything is taken care of by the cloud hosting company.

  2. Increased efficiency – speed of processes is enhanced, rapid deployment is done, remote access to users enabled, innovative solutions are implemented, better utilisation of time and resources is done and the leveraging of resources for optimised performance and productivity.

  3. Flexibility – businesses can scale up as and when they grow or downsize, customisation is possible, increase or decrease of processing capacity and storage depending upon need.

  4. Robustness of the entire model – highly reliable system keeping data safe from theft and loss, cloud servers can be accessed via internet from any place in the world and at any point in time.




At an individual and a personal level too, cloud sever hosting is remarkably better than any other know services because of data privacy and confidentiality. Since cloud computing is a form of advanced technology, it is important that business units consider the following criteria to pick one of the top cloud hosting companies to work with:


  • Ensuring that the service provider has the right certifications in place. It is also advisable to verify and cross-check for quality adherence and standard maintenance of the service provider.

  • It is essential to check the compatibility issues of the service providers’ cloud architecture with that of the existing IT framework of the client. Leading and top cloud hosting companies ensure that they study the current technical infrastructure of the customer carefully before offering or suggesting and supporting in providing migration services and solutions.

  • It is also important that the client understands well the regulatory rules pertaining to data management and privacy rules of the service provider. In this context, clients need to know in advance the place where the servers are located, the local rules, compliance and obligations that need to be met as per the jurisdiction of the place.

  • Data security and the governance process of the service provider also needs to be thoroughly assessed before finalising a cloud host service provider. Top cloud hosting companies are not only compliant with internationally accepted standards but also have the capacity to demonstrate their risk-based system and have comprehensive security policies in place.




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